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Gourmet Iberico Ham Tour Spain


  • Duration: 45 Minutes.
  • Schedule: 11:00 am. to 8:00 pm
  • Availability: Every day.
  • Free Cancelation: (24 before activity).
  • Meeting Point: C. del Arenal, 17, 28013 Madrid, Spain. Meet your host at the Palomeque store.


$29 €

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Experience a culinary journey in the heart of Madrid with a gastronomic tour that immerses you in the flavors of Spain. In a charming historic building, embark on a journey to discover the most authentic flavors. Your expert host will guide you through Iberico Ham Tour Spain, the world-renowned cured ham, and delicious chorizo, loin, and salchichón. Learn about the traditional production process of Iberico Ham Tour Spain and its surprising secret ingredient: the acorn. Enjoy the deep subtleties of the on-site produced organic olive oil and expertly selected wines that complement each dish.

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In 1873, the iconic religious imagery shop “Palomeque” was founded. It has served products to figures ranging from Pope Pius IX to the present day and to the main European royal houses. It combines a space protected by National Heritage with modern lines that create a unique environment. An intimate place to taste and enjoy the finest and most select Spanish gastronomic products.

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A complete Iberian experience in which we will explain and taste the finest products:

  • 100% Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham Tour Spain
  • 100% Acorn-Fed Iberian Loin
  • Iberian Chorizo • Iberian Salchichón
  • Exclusive Olive Oil Tasting
  • All accompanied by exquisite and delicate wine


C. del Arenal, 17, 28013 Madrid, Spain. Meet your host at the Palomeque store in central Madrid. Find your host at the Palomeque store in the center of Madrid.


<h3>Liliana Soto</h3>

Liliana Soto

Octuber 2023
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A Culinary Masterpiece! in Madrid

The Iberian Ham Tasting Tour was a culinary masterpiece! The expert guidance and rich flavors left me speechless. The acorn-fed ham was divine, and the olive oil was a revelation. A must-try experience!
<h3>Mario Saunders</h3>

Mario Saunders

July 2023
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Decent Experience

The tour provided a decent experience. The ham was good, but I wished for a bit more variety. The chorizo and salchichón were flavorful.
<h3>Peter Nielsen</h3>

Peter Nielsen

October 2023
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Great Ham, Great Experience

The Iberian ham tasting was great, and the experience was enjoyable. However, the tour felt a bit rushed. A longer tasting session would have been appreciated.
<h3>Seth Robles</h3>

Seth Robles

October 2023
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A Gastronomic Delight

The Iberian Ham Tasting Tour was a gastronomic delight! Each bite was a burst of flavor. The olive oil tasting was a revelation. Highly recommend this tour!
<h3>Callie Sullivan</h3>

Callie Sullivan

July 2023
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Good, but Room for Improvement

The Iberian Ham Tasting Tour was good, but there was room for improvement. The ham was tasty, but I expected a wider selection. The olive oil was a highlight.
<h3>Osman Harrison</h3>

Osman Harrison

October 2023
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Delightful Culinary Journey

This tour was a delightful culinary journey! The ham and chorizo were of high quality. The expert insights into the curing process were fascinating.
<h3>Aleesha Salazar</h3>

Aleesha Salazar

October 2023
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A Tasty Experience

The Iberian Ham Tasting Tour offered a tasty experience. The ham and chorizo were delicious, though I expected a bit more variety. The olive oil was a highlight.
<h3>Robert Gilmore</h3>

Robert Gilmore

October 2023
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Ham Perfection

This tour defined ham perfection! The quality of the Iberian ham was outstanding. The expert host's knowledge enriched the experience.
<h3>Anya Watts</h3>

Anya Watts

September 2023
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Unique Tasting Adventure

The Iberian Ham Tasting Tour was a unique tasting adventure! The ham and chorizo were exceptional. The olive oil added an extra layer of richness.
<h3>Brendon Hughes</h3>

Brendon Hughes

July 2023
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Nice, but Not Outstanding

The tour was nice, but it didn't stand out. The ham was of good quality, but I expected a bit more diversity in the selection.